‘American Idol’: Chris Richardson Tweets For Idolator, Sums Up The Finale

Guest Editor | May 17, 2013 4:04 am

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please welcome American Idol Season 6 contestant/guest contributor Chris Richardson, who not only live-tweeted the Idol finale from the audience for us (see a roundup of his tweets below), but also summed up the spectacle with the following recap.

American Idol definitely pulls out the stops with special guests and flashy performances. A lot of excitement was built around two girls being up for the big award, from the red carpet chatter to the talk around the crowd and judges. Other years seemed to have a little more excitement, though, when it came to the Idol finale.

I was impressed by the actual live performances, but as a member of the audience, some were guests were pre-taped and brought down the excitement of the room. I feel like the judges weren’t as involved this go-around, and was kind of hoping I’d see Nicki get up there and rip the stage.

I rooted for Kree Harrison, but Candice Glover really did show her pipes live, which impressed me fully. Next year I hope they bring more idols back and have more guests and performances at the finale. That’s what the people want to see. All in all, the energy in the Nokia was “okay,” and nobody seemed surprised at the winner. I wish Candice the best of luck in her future. And I hope Idol can liven up the show a little more next year. Maybe even have Chris Richardson perform (shameless plug). I won’t pre-tape mine. — Chris Rich


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