Britney Spears’ “Ooh La La”: Hear The ‘Smurfs 2’ Soundtrack Cut

Sam Lansky | May 17, 2013 8:41 am

Well hey, it’s a new tune from Britney Spears! It’s not a new single from a new album (for that, fans have to wait for to turn on his sonic trash compactor), but it is a very delicious little nugget from the soundtrack for The Smurfs 2, a buoyant pop track titled “Ooh La La.”

With production credits from Bonnie McKee and Dr. Luke, the song arrives with the same pedigree as “Hold It Against Me,” but where that track’s popstep sound felt fairly robust, “Ooh La La” is featherweight, all bright synths and a light, spunky guitar riff with a nice electro break. It sits somewhere between Cassie and DJ Komori‘s “Sound of Love” and Madonna‘s “Superstar,” sweet and sprightly without ever feeling like it’s trying too hard. 

It’s not the grand return of Godney, by any means, but for this sort of thing — a soundtrack cut from a kids’ movie — it’s about as pristine as anyone could expect. Listen to the new song below.

Britney Spears — “Ooh La La”

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