Betty Who’s “You’re In Love” Video: Betty Takes New York & It’s Magical

Sam Lansky | May 20, 2013 7:50 am

Betty Who, the candidate likeliest to save pop music, has returned with a new music video from her staggeringly great The Movement EP — and, like the song, the video for “You’re In Love” is sort of happy but sort of heartbreaking, following Betty and her beau as they drive a fancy car through the countryside and explore New York City and roll around, perfectly in love. (Every other day, that is.)

It’s a slightly more polished look than Betty’s “Somebody Loves You” video — it still feels sort of unfathomable that she’s pulling this off without a label, although it wouldn’t come as a surprise if that changed rather soon — but you don’t need a huge budget when the vision is this clear.

Watch up top.

[via The Guardian]