Britney Spears Talks New Album, Vegas Show On ‘Extra’: Watch

Sam Lansky | May 21, 2013 7:26 am

Good news: Britney Spears is doing press! The pop princess sat down with her former X Factor colleague Mario Lopez on Extra for a little chat about her Shape magazine cover shoot, her upcoming album and the Vegas show that’s been rumored for the last twenty years. The bad news is that, while perfectly congenial, she still seems a little bit shut-down — somewhere between “low battery” and “a husk of her former self.” Maybe a little chattier than normal, but no light in her eyes, really. Ah, well.

She’s still fairly tight-lipped about anything particularly revealing, but did say that she and Album 8 executive producer have #worked #on #two #new #tracks #together, and that she’s excited about the Vegas show, so, um, there’s that. Also, she still craves fried chicken. Also, she loves her boys. Did you know that Britney loves her boys? There’s a part of me that just wants her For the Record fantasy to come true, so she can just get away from all the terrible people and terrible lights and people like Mario Lopez (who’s literally a gleaming abdomen with a smiley face emoticon painted on it) and not have to talk about this sort of thing anymore. Just her, her boys and a bucket of fried chicken. That’s the dream. 

Watch up top.