Diplo Clarifies His Thoughts On Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ Via Lengthy Facebook Letter

Carl Williott | May 21, 2013 12:53 pm

Last week, Diplo posted a string of tweets offering up his unflattering thoughts on Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories. We felt they were pretty entertaining, even though they were lightly jabbing an album which we enjoyed quite a lot. Daft Punk diehards didn’t find the comments so funny, though, and apparently stormed Diplo’s Twitter and Facebook to the point that the DJ-producer felt the need to respond.

Today (May 21), Diplo posted a letter clarifying his thoughts on RAM. “My all time favorite daft punk song was ‘make love’ from the last album, not the bangers that you might expect but the subtlety of that record was amazing and i love the production on it[…] the new album i do like a lot as well.. my favorite song being doing it right with panda bear i think its my favorite tune of the year so far. i quite like the album .. my twitters were sarcastic.”

Diplo’s main issue with the album, then, was the cheesy, good vibin’ image of L.A. that it conjures. “I don’t want music that represents excessive blissed out easy listening. I grew up being forced to listen to hotel california[…] And Im also not into the white bearded rich malibu palm tree los angeles that it paints.. LA is great because its real and gritty so that just turned me off[…] this album was obviously for people that enjoy breazy walks with their pets and smoking cigarettes in malibu.. I do not.”

Head below to see more select quotes from the letter, and for Diplo’s subsequent tweet telling people not to read it.

On the Robots’ passionate fan base: “Their fans did blindly get moved and angry when someone doesn’t like their idol[…] No one boycotted pitchfork or philly weekly when they trashed the last major lazer album! where’s my navy!?! I’m joking i love bad reviews they make me work harder and think more.”

On DP’s disparagement of contemporary electronic music: “i agree with everything that daft punk said in the billboard interview…. thats exactly how i feel about mainstream edm as well.”

On blogs/media: “I also know that nobody will post this letter on a news source.. But over 50 influential blogs and music wedbsites posted my twitter one liners… Within an hour Why? Because it was funny controversial and will bring readers into there site and hopefully drive up traffic.”

Read Diplo’s full post here.

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