Ke$ha’s ‘My Crazy Beautiful Life’: She Drinks Her Pee, Finishes Her Album ‘Warrior’

Lisa Timmons | May 22, 2013 6:52 am

In this very special episode of My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha drinks her own pee. Remember how you read about that happening not that long ago? Wondering if the context of this episode will explain why? You’re in for a huge disappointment.

For those of you just joining us, this is the fifth piece of the six-part series as part of a documentary chronicling the two years of Ke$ha’s first world tour. As a reminder, her brother, Lagan, is the voice and eyes behind the camera. This episode picks up after Ke$ha’s tour, make-out sesh with a Brazilian Tarzan and post-tour vacation has come to a close, and her new focus is her album Warrior.

We open on the sad image of gloomy skies. Ke$ha is home in Nashville after a sunny vacation abroad. She sits at the piano and works on the song “Love Into The Light.” It’s quite a departure to hear her singing simply at the piano. I’m impressed she’s able to do anything musical without glitter cannons or penis costumes.

Next, the singer heads back to Los Angeles to start recording her album. She kicks off with work on the song”Machine Gun Love.” She sings a lyric that likens her passion to eating raw meat, or something like that. Afterwards, Ke$ha asks, “Does that make sense?” It’s a valid question.

Now Ke$ha is stressing over her first single and the recording process, going back and forth with her record label. We see a lot of her in the studio, at her laptop and generally looking super stressed. In a quiet moment on her balcony, Lagan tries to comfort her. Clearly, girlfriend is freaking out over the sophomore slump.

She toys with the idea of spending time with her ex, Harold, for the purpose of getting in the right emotional space to be upset enough to write. So, she plans to meet up with Harold at the spot where they used to hike. Afterwards, she says, “I think I’m over him,” but claims now she has an emotional starting point. Inspiration time!

This prompts Ke$ha to write “Last Goodbye.” She jams with her co-writers and they end up very pleased with the end result. The record label gives her the green light. We witness the birth of a song, which is pretty cool. It’s the first track of her album. Ke$ha retreats to her home in Nashville to co-write with her mother. The next inspiration is her car, “Gold Trans Am.” Suddenly, we see Ke$ha sucking Jack Daniels from a man’s facial hair. For anyone else, this might spell tragedy, but for Ke$ha, it’s heaven.

Next, we see Pebe suggesting ideas for a video, which includes dancing robots. I’m totally on board. Then, the camera turns onto Lagan. Ke$ha makes him sing and it’s pretty terrible, but he is earnestly trying, which is both hilarious and endearing.

Ke$ha knocks out “Die Young.” After this, she has one song and three days left. I’m feeling tense for her. It’s crunch time and Kesha is freaking out over her last track. Her album is done and her label is happy. She goes on a walk with her mom and brother to celebrate.

Back in Los Angeles, Ke$ha works out to look good for her music video. Inexplicably, talk turns to drinking someone’s own urine. For some reason, Kesha decides to do it. I am scarred for life, watching this. With nary a segue, she’s meeting up with a choreographer for her music video. There are some hilarious butt wiggles she’s forced to repeat over and over. Not a dancer, she’s feeling self-conscious. Finally, her brother and manager agree to dance to make her feel better.

On the second day of rehearsal, Ke$ha is getting frustrated. The butt wiggles are driving her to distraction, but she manages to get it done. After filming, she’s nervous about seeing a cut of the music video and watches it for the first time on a laptop. Cut to the music video for “Die Young.” She watches, and despite her initial anxiety, is pleased with her dance moves.

On album release day, Lagan wakes Ke$ha up with a camera in her face. She dons an outfit that appears to be made from the same fabric as a couch. On her way to buy a copy of her first album, she runs into Steven Tyler.  It’s a very Los Angeles situation. At Amoeba Records in Hollywood, she walks up to the register and to buy her record. The same guy is working to ring her up for the purchase of her second album as her first. What a kwinkydink!

Next week is the last episode, which I hope answers the question we’re all wondering will be answered: Will Ke$ha get laid by the beard of her dreams? I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.