Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson Being Considered As ‘American Idol’ Judges: Report

Sam Lansky | May 22, 2013 7:58 am

American Idol may be getting a very different type of shake-up for next season: Vulture reports (via a tipster with “knowledge of the situation”) that producers are considering replacing at least one, if not all of the judges. with former contestants. Reportedly, Kelly Clarkson (amazing) and Jennifer Hudson (amazing) have already been approached, and Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are also being considered.

Can we just take a minute to entertain the idea of a Kelly Clarkson-Jennifer Hudson-Adam Lambert panel? (Clay Aiken is fine and charming but ultimately sort of whatever.) Clarkson would bring all sorts of honest, down-to-earth life lessons and bits of wisdom; Hudson would serve up all kinds of diva shenanigans; and Adam Lambert would be literally the most glamorous human alive. Most importantly, all of those artists are talented, not so massively huge that they’d command Mariah Carey-level paychecks, and — crucially — they know what makes great television. 

Since iconic stars haven’t yielded the right ratings magic for the show, this could be exactly the thing to breathe some much-needed new life into the show, which feels like it’s wheezing its way into a 95th season. Let’s hope they can actually nail this one down.

[via Vulture]