Miguel’s Flying Leg-Slam Victim #1 Is OK, But What About Victim #2, You Guys?!

Carl Williott | May 22, 2013 8:57 am

When Miguel misjudged his stage jump at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 19) and ended up leg-slamming one girl in the head and kicking another one in the dome, our first reaction was unstoppable laughter, obviously. But once we replayed it a couple times, and in slo-mo, we realized, whoa, he really clobbered these gals and they may actually be injured. But the singer was quick to tweet that one of the innocent bystanders, Khyati, was OK. And he was very apologetic with her in a backstage interview after the incident, which you can watch up top. Khyati had an icebag on her arm during the debrief, but she was well enough to savvily pull off a power play, emphasizing that the singer will “hopefully make up for” the too-close encounter.

This is great. But you guys, it’s always Khyati, Khyati, Khyati! What about the other victim??

Judging from the below GIF, which is our Zapruder film in this sordid mess, there is obviously a second victim. We’ve studied this video tirelessly, but we still can’t even decide which one is Khyati. In the above interview you’ll notice Khyati had ice on her arm, and not her head, which clearly took the brunt of the impact. So you could argue that this indicates Khyati is the woman on our left, who gets leg-dropped and whose right arm gets crunched. But in the GIF, that person is wearing sleeves, and Khyati is wearing a sleeveless top in the interview. We just can’t know from this angle. Where’s the grassy knoll footage, ABC?

REGARDLESS, there were two victims here, and we know not the fate of one of them! We won’t feel comfortable laughing our asses off at this GIF until we know for sure that Victim #2 is alive and well. We’ll still laugh at it, but we just won’t feel comfortable doing it. So if you’re reading this, Victim #2, send us a sign. So we can feel like slightly less terrible people when we re-watch your traumatic moment.