Ciara & Nicki Minaj’s “I’m Out”: Hear Their New Ladies’ Anthem

Sam Lansky | May 22, 2013 1:22 pm

So remember how I went to hear Ciara‘s new album Ciara a few weeks ago, and I wrote about how it was really, exceptionally good? I wasn’t lying! Proof: The just-leaked collab between CiCi and Nicki Minaj, a ferocious ladies’ anthem titled “I’m Out.”

As per usual, the Harajuku Barbie is full of attitude and swagger on her verse (her frustration over someone “on Instagram trying to shade me” is great) — but Ciara more than meets her halfway with her strategy for how to handle a night out. See, Ciara just went through a break-up, and she’s got her hair done and her makeup on and she’s posting selfies, but still — still! — her would-be suitor won’t text her back. We’ve all been there. God knows I have. The only way to remedy this situation is to hit the dancefloor, right? Right. 

And so she does, as a fierce clapping beat gives way to a sweet pop chorus; that hook, “Ladies it’s your song so as soon as this come on /You should get out on the floor, go and get your sexy on,” has an urgency that fits the song’s propulsive production like a glove. (It’s good advice, too. Who hasn’t managed to improve a night by getting their sexy on?)

Listen to the new track below. I guess you could say I’m super turnt up about it.

Ciara is out July 9, but if you’re also turnt up, you can pre-order it on iTunes now.