Jessie J’s “Wild”: Hear Her New Song And Preview Her Video

Christina Lee | May 26, 2013 8:01 am

Right as she finishes her new album, Jessie J released her new single “Wild” in its entirety. While revealed as a thumping anthem to resilience, “Wild” also holds true to expectations that Jessie J would show off her agile and powerful voice — even if at the expense of others.

When the Voice mentor previewed the track, she only revealed her own vocals and not the rap flavor that Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal promised to add, yet showed much promise. In its entirety though, “Wild” feels exhilarating when Jessie J and Dizzee Rascal deliver, yet falls flat when Big Sean delivers his clunkers of verses, comparing the competition to piranhas and promising to emerge with a fish dinner.

Fortunately, while “Wild” itself isn’t perfect, its video still holds potential. In a black-and-white preview, Jessie J’s heels clack as she struts through an empty warehouse, before close-ups of her fierce gazes and outfits flash onto the screen. Check out her video preview up top, then hear “Wild” after the jump.