Adam Lambert Performs New Song “Love Wins Over Glamour”: Watch

Christina Lee | May 26, 2013 11:44 am

“Love was far out of sight, I was unsatisfied, I wanna do it right, I need to love tonight,” Adam Lambert sings in “Love Wins Over Glamour,” a song written exclusively for Saturday’s Live Ball in Vienna. The Trespassing star debuted the song while dressed as Ali Baba, in part of the charity gala’s Arabian Nights theme.

Lambert’s overcoat and turban glittered under the stage lights. His backup dancers parted as he struted right through. “Open sesame!” he yelled, before he turned to outstretch his arms, commanding a curtain to draw and revealing even more dancers ready to entertain. Given the night’s theme, plus a fashion show by Roberto Cavalli, Lambert’s performance was indeed a bit glamorous.

But before he left the stage, he cut to the heart of the Live Ball’s aims: “Pots of gold won’t do, little brother / if you don’t share your love with one another / Flash don’t matter, love wins over glamour.” Watch the live debut of “Love Wins Over Glamour” up top.

[via Socialite Life]