Ke$ha’s ‘My Crazy Beautiful Life’ Finale: New Year, New Ke$ha

Lisa Timmons | May 29, 2013 5:21 am

If you were watching MTV last night, you might have noticed that Ke$ha was all over it. First, she premiered the music video for most recent single, “Crazy Kids.” Then, she followed the one-two punch by airing the finale of her documentary series My Crazy Beautiful Life.

That’s right, animals. We have arrived at the final installment of the six-part series that followed Ke$ha as she hit the road on a world tour for her first album, took a short vacation to briefly recharge and then returned to the studio to quickly spit out a second album entitled Warrior. It’s been a wild ride that has been chock full of glitter, bearded men and drinking one’s own pee.

When we join Ke$ha, she’s pleased to have successfully written enough songs for a sophomore album that has her record label happy, but the stress of having to promote the new album, as well as that from her feud with professional online bully, Perez Hilton, is wearing on her.

But, the pop star shakes it off by traipsing off to Europe for a press tour and series of concerts to promote Warrior. It looks like the kind of good, trashy fun we have come to expect of the her, for moments after we see her literally showing her ass to someone and asking a guy to show her his penis, we cut to Ke$ha saying, “Oh, hey, the Buckingham Palace.”

Then, backstage at a show, we see a familiar face. Remember that sweet little redhead who cried to Ke$ha about how she inspired him to persevere in the face of bullies? Well, he’s all grown up and now looks like Macklemore. In fact, that’s who I thought it was when they were first hugging. But now, the little guy’s looking a million times more confident and happy to see his pop idol. A little hair gel and some new duds certainly go a long way.

We cut to news reports of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the announcement that Ke$ha’s song “Die Young” is being pulled from airplay. Seriously? This happened? I’m rolling my eyes at the fact that there is seriously no correlation between these two things. Ke$ha’s bummed and doesn’t want to get out of her bed in her Nashville home. We hear her brother coax her out from under her bedspread.

Christmas Day, we see Ke$ha spending time with her family. Lots of mementos from the singer’s childhood. She’s pensive as she drives through downtown Nashville to visit a club where she and her mom, Pebe, get on stage to perform. It’s clearly a regular haunt for the Sebert family, where the two ladies get on stage to sing a duet of “Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You,” a tune co-written by Pebe.

Now, Ke$ha is in NYC to rehearse her new single “Come On” for her New Year’s Eve performance. She gives an acoustic performance with her backup singers and guitarist. It seems to go off without a hitch. We see Ke$ha get hyped at the prospect of facing the huge crowd in Times Square. She puts on her L.A. swap meet jacket, fishnet fingerless gloves and what looks like all her MAC eyeshadow to sing.

The singer’s voiceover tells us, “As this chapter of my life ends with a countdown, I realize that I’m not counting down to the end, I’m counting down to the beginning.” Ke$ha reminisces over how the documentary started two years ago in New York. We get a nostalgic reminder montage of everything we’ve gone through these past six weeks. Has it only been that long? I feel like we’ve already grown so much as viewers.

The final image is of Ke$ha taking to the stage in  Times Square and triumphantly jumping up and down as she and her backup singers and dancers ring in the new year. And, I like to think that when the ball dropped, there were some soft lips waiting for her behind a giant, fuzzy beard just off stage.