Icona Pop’s “Girlfriend”: Hear Their New Single (It’s Big & It Interpolates 2Pac)

Sam Lansky | May 30, 2013 9:43 am

To follow up the meteoric success of their breakout single “I Love It,” the girls of Icona Pop needed an equally huge sophomore single — presumably bigger than anything on their self-titled Swedish debut — and while there’s no official info yet about who helmed their new track “Girlfriend,” it’s as enormously infectious as you’d expect given that their recent collaborators have included Stargate, Benny Blanco and Shellback. “Girlfriend,” which just received its Swedish radio premiere, is catchy. Real catchy.

Buzzy spaced-out bleeps and bloops and choirs of “Na na na na”s lead into a well-utilized interpolation of 2Pac‘s “Me and My Girlfriend,” which is most familiar to a lot of viewers for how it was sampled in Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s “’03 Bonnie and Clyde”; here, it’s buried under pounding electropop, the foundation of this celebratory fizzy fist-pump of a song.

“Girlfriend” has the same cheerleader spike as “I Love It,” but the chorus is less shouty and more of a proper singalong. If they play their cards right, there’s no reason it won’t meet with the same success as their first.

Listen below:

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