CSS’ “Into The Sun” From New Album ‘Planta’: Idolator Song Premiere

Robbie Daw | May 30, 2013 11:17 am

Not so long ago (in 2008, actually), Brazilian electro-rockers CSS declared “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex.” Back then, we immediately got exactly what they were talking about — the notion that music is just as capable of driving you to euphoria as certain other activities. And it still holds true. Especially since the quartet’s new LP Planta (out June 11 — pre-order here) is full of songs that have us feeling a bit ebullient and giddy, if not, yes, sexy. Case in point: simmering synth jam “Into The Sun,” which boasts slinky retro-new-wave riffs, employs a cowbell (yes!!) and features CSS frontwoman Lovefoxx delivering vocals that fall somewhere between sultry and mysterious.

CSS — “Into The Sun”

Lush, cool and perfect for summer. That’s exactly how we’re choosing to describe “Into The Sun.”

For Planta, CSS worked with producer Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio, a studio wiz who also busied himself over the past year by twiddling knobs for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kelis. (Give the latter’s new song “Jerk Ribs” a spin.)

“We stayed there [at his house] with him, his two dogs, and his two cats,” says CSS member Ana Rezende of recording with Sitek. “We’d work all night and then jump in the pool at two in the morning. It’s a great creative environment because there are no rules, and spontaneity is encouraged. He had a vision, and he helped us bring these songs to life. By highlighting the best in each of us individually, he brought a lot of harmony to our writing.”

We’re certainly digging the fruits of their collective labor and late-night swim sessions. What about you?

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