Jennifer Lopez’s Next Album Out In November

Christina Lee | June 1, 2013 10:00 am

Don’t call it a comeback, at least not yet. Jennifer Lopez says that her new album is still incomplete. “It’ll probably be out in November,” she said Friday at The Graham Norton Show. “I’m still working on it, yeah.”

Back in April, before her new single “Live It Up” dropped, Lopez said that her album’s forthcoming Chris Brown collaboration will recall one of her biggest pop hits, “Jenny from the Block.” Prior to that, producer RedOne said that Lopez’s new album in its entirety will be a throwback of sorts, only to her 2001 collaborations with Ja Rule. (“I’m Real (Remix)”).

Check out Lopez’s chat on The Graham Norton Show up top. Skip to 6:00 for remarks on her new album, or sit back and watch cricketing legend Freddie Flintoff “explain” his sport (“We spent a lot of time rubbing balls on our trousers”) and tell the story of taking his 5-year-old son to see Justin Bieber in the process.