Justin Bieber Teases New Single “Heartbreaker”

Sam Lansky | June 4, 2013 6:36 am

Grammatically incorrect Justin Bieber news item alert!

The crooning Canuck took to Instagram last night to announce details of an upcoming single, posting the cover artwork alongside several captions: First “… Coming soon”; then,“Tell a friend to tell a friend.” Eventually, he wrote, “Don’t tell me your my…. #justinbieber #heartbreaker.” Finally, he posted it with the hashtag “#Justinbiebernewsingle,” in case there was any confusion about exactly what “Don’t tell me your my justinbieber heartbreaker” might mean. Not that there would be, or should be. (Side note: If you had told me years ago that my job would be recounting Justin Bieber’s Instagram hashtags in painstaking detail, I would not have believed you. Onward!)

The single artwork, which you can see above, does not feature Bieber’s face, arms or torso, which means it has probably proven dissatisfying to his fans. For his fans, though, the good news is that there’s a new Justin Bieber single coming, so all’s well that ends well, or whatever.

[via Hollywood Life]