2 Chainz & Pharrell Don’t Care If The “Feds Watching”: Hear The New Track

Carl Williott | June 4, 2013 8:34 am

Well, that was fast! We’ve already got the first taste of 2 Chainz‘s forthcoming album, which is set for a September 10 release. On “Feds Watching” he has teamed up with Pharrell, and as if to hammer home the point that they’re both on ridiculous hot streaks, the song channels the heat of Miami. There’s a reggae-lite beat under some squalling guitars and a few blasts of day-glo synths fit for a Rico Tubbs stakeout montage.

Pharrell does his sorta-sing thing on the Rick Ross-esque hook (“I’m be fresh as hell / If them feds watching”), as 2 Chainz does his 2 Chainz thing (“See them shades you got on called Ray Bans / And the shades I got on cost a band”). Hear the new track below.

2 Chainz featuring Pharrell — “Feds Watching”

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