Megan & Liz Perform “Bad For Me”: The Idolator Sessions

Sam Lansky | June 5, 2013 10:33 am

Megan & Liz turned out an absolutely dazzling performance of their new single “Release You” yesterday — but our great love affair with the sisters Mace is hardly a new development. No, they first popped up on our radar with their 2012 single “Bad For Me,” a delicious slice of “Call Me Maybe”-esque pop that was ubiquitous in a certain Macy’s commercial and had an impressive way of lodging itself into your brain and stay there.

They’ve been performing an acoustic version of that song for months, and accordingly, they have it down to a fine art: Peppy, spunky and full of attitude, their rendition of “Bad For Me” in the Idolator studios is just plain good fun.

Watch up top.

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