Victoria Justice Preps Debut Album: “It’s 100 Percent My Personality”

Sam Lansky | June 6, 2013 2:20 pm

Like her Victorious co-star Ariana Grande (who has everyone obsessed with “The Way”), Victoria Justice is turning her focus to her music: She’s been busy in the studio working on what will comprise her debut studio album as herself (rather than contributions to the Victorious LPs), teaming up with producers like Greg Wells and The Messengers. (This is good news, as far as I’m concerned — Justice’s “Make It In America” was one of my favorite tracks of 2012.)

“It definitely falls under the category of pop, but it’s my own vibe,” she told Billboard. “When you hear these songs… the people that know me are like, ‘This is so Vic!’ It’s 100 percent my personality, messages I want to get across. Some of the songs are really fun, upbeat stuff you can dance to, and then I have some songs that are a little more introspective, a little more mellow.” (Sounds like a mainstream pop album, then.)

And it’s been a long time in the works: “I’ve been talking about this solo album for a while now,” she explained, “so I really want to put something out so people can hear my new stuff.”

Commence with freaking the freak out.

[via Billboard]