Ke$ha’s 2010 Hit “Take It Off” Was Inspired By Visiting Gay Bars

Mike Wass | June 7, 2013 6:55 pm

In quite possibly the least surprising revelation of all time, Ke$ha has admitted that “Take It Off” was inspired by partying at gay bars. Well, duh. Where else do they go hardcore and leave glitter on the floor?

The pee-drinking pop star told that her 2010 top 10 hit “is about the culmination of lots of different experiences of going to gay bars or tranny shows”.

“At the end of the night, for whatever reason, everybody’s always naked at 6 a.m.” K$ mused.

When asked if she partakes in this activity, the “Crazy Kids” diva was unusually demure.

“I usually maintain keeping a pair of panties on, and a bra. But everybody around me just likes to get naked. It’s kind of like this magical thing I have.”

Expose yourself while listening to Lady Dolla’s Warrior album tonight. It’s really very, very good.