Governors Ball 2013: Kanye West Closes The Show — See Our Exclusive Photos

Bianca Gracie | June 10, 2013 9:18 am

Kanye West gave a gritty taste of Yeezus as he closed the 2013 Governors Ball music festival on Sunday (June 9). The rapper performed new songs like “On Site”, “New Slaves,” “Black Skinhead” and “I Am A God” in front of an energetic crowd. The visuals (which included dogs barking, flashing lights and all black everything) gave off a menacing vibe.

But a Yeezy set isn’t complete without a passionate rant. He once again shut down the music industry, saying “Honestly at this point, I could give a fuck about selling a million records as long as I put out an album for the summer that y’all can rock to for all fuckin’ summer!” With countless hits in his back pocket and a new baby on the way, Kanye West has all the right NOT to care.

Check out our photos from Kanye’s festival set up top — our photographer Loren Wohl camped out for hours so he could get up close and personal for your browsing pleasure!