Kelly Rowland Takes Mom And Aunties On ‘X Factor’ Tour, Beyonce Comforts Michelle With A Note

Mike Wass | June 11, 2013 6:45 pm

How does Kelly Rowland do it? When she’s not raising awareness for domestic violence, the hardest-working woman in music is performing new music on TV and dropping buzz singles like hot potatoes. In the midst of that mayhem, she somehow found time to take her mom and aunties on a tour of the X Factor set (above). Awww.

We all know Beyonce is busying not being pregnant and touring the globe but what about that other child of destiny, Michelle Williams? She’s just finished performing in a theatrical production of Fela and, of course, Bey – angel of light and consolation – wrote her a handwritten note with an… unusual compliment.

“You embody the strength and boldness of women who are not afraid to just be,” exclaimed Queen B in the letter. Is this a subtle dig at Michelle’s current employment status? I refuse to believe it!

Read the otherwise lovely note in full below.