3OH!3’s ‘Omens’: Stream Their New Album

Adam Pyarali | June 13, 2013 12:58 pm

It’s been a minute since 3OH!3 grabbed our attention on their last album, 2010’s Streets Of Gold, which featured the lead single “My First Kiss (ft. Ke$ha).” They’re back with Omens, and for their first album in three years, the rambunctious bro-rappers take a mature turn, both sonically and lyrically. Of course, songs like “Don’t Trust Me” wouldn’t stay in style forever, but as we’ve previously noted, singles like “Youngblood” and “Back to Life” are more reminiscent of alternative pop bands like The Naked and Famous.

The new 3OH!3 might be less polarizing and a little more introspective, but the pop hooks are as strong as ever. And don’t worry:  there’s still some classic 3OH!3 to be found on tracks like “Two Girlfriends” and “Eyes Closed.” Omens is out June 18, but you can hear it in full right now on SoundCloud.