Miley Cyrus Gives Good Face On The Myspace Red Carpet: Her 8 Best Poses

Mike Wass | June 13, 2013 1:02 pm

Is Miley Cyrus even old enough to remember Myspace? Probably not but the twerk-enthusiast still ruled the red carpet at the social networking site’s relaunch party last night (June 12) at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. She rocked another high fashion look – fearlessly teaming a leather bra and jacket with an oddball jean/sweatpant combination.

We all know the “We Can’t Stop” singer has a great stylist but someone has been teaching Miley the art of posing. Some of these poses are straight from RuPaul‘s guide to red carpet glamour. Let us know which exquisite stance took your fancy after the jump.

Our favorite is number four. You can never go wrong with the old over-the-shoulder!