AlunaGeorge Drops New, Improved “You Know You Like It” Video

Mike Wass | June 13, 2013 5:58 pm

British duo AlunaGeorge surprised fans today with a second, radically-improved video for their old/new single “You Know You Like It”. Let me explain. The slinky slice of R&B-infused electro-pop first hit the net in 2011 with a simple black-and-white visual. Two years later Aluna Francis and George Reid give the clip a colourful overhaul to promote their debut album Body Music, due July 29.

The nostalgic clip is a cute nod to ’90s teen culture. There is TLC-worthy choreography, costumes straight from The Fresh Price Of Bel-Air and an empty swimming pool where all the cool kids hang out and do awesome things like skate and look disillusioned.

Has the band’s new video won you over? Will you be buying their album? Are you loving their dance moves? Answer any one of these three important questions in the comments.