Dannii Minogue Ready To Put The Needle Back On It?

Mike Wass | June 17, 2013 7:30 pm

Is Dannii Minogue plotting a long-overdue comeback? Rumors of a return to pop have been circulating since late 2012 when the dance deity approached a label about recording new music. It made sense with the 10 year anniversary of Neon Nights on the horizon and her appointment as a judge on X Factor Australia.

Well, Dannii was spotted  holding hand-written lyrics on the streets of Los Angeles last week – a sure sign that the music event of the millennium is nigh. Not only is the younger Minogue potentially back in business but she’s also writing her own material. None of us are ready! Especially a British tabloid that is trying to derail the D-train before it leaves the station.

The Sun published some of the words visible on Dannii’s notebook, calling them “awful” – among other unflattering adjectives. Well, they seem perfectly fine to me. A lyric like “I love that you believe the things you sang but it was the things you said that gave you away” is actually quite lovely. Pop music is an unusual art in that great songs are so much more than the sum of their parts.

Imagine if the lyrics to “Call Me Maybe” were scrutinized by the media prior to release? Carly Rae could be working at McDonald’s right now. Dannii has been filling dancefloors since the ’90s. No doubt, her new material will be just as enticing.

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