‘The Voice’: Cher & Others (Like Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars, Etc.) Perform, Danielle Bradbery Wins

Caila Ball-Dionne | June 19, 2013 4:24 am

Christina Aguilera and Cher performing on the same season finale? Nope, not the long-awaited Burlesque comeback tour. It’s The Voice Season 4 finale! “There are a lot of amazing musical things going on tonight,” announces Carson Daly, and right he is! Not only are those two divas hitting the stage, but it’s Blake Shelton’s birthday (HBD, BS!), the return of our favorite contestants past and more live performances than you can shake a stick at (should you enjoy stick-shaking)!

Ah yes, and the matter at hand: the winner of The Voice Season 4 will (eventually) be announced after two hours jam-packed with suspense, performances, laughter and tears. Mostly laughter at the tears, but laughter none the less.

Rotating coach Christina Aguilera returns to perform “Feel This Moment” with Pitbull. Her grand return to show’s stage is vocally shaky, but damn, if she doesn’t look better than ever! Hiatus really suits that one. (Still, can’t wait for her brutal honesty back in that red chair)!

The Swon Brothers host Holly Tucker, Justin Rivers and Amber Carrington in the duo’s “bring back” performance, reminding everyone that Justin Rivers was once a contestant on the show! The country artists team up to sing Lady Antebellum’s “Stars Tonight.”

Next up is OneRepublic featuring Michelle Chamuel. Together, they perform “Counting Stars,” and absolutely shine together. The real shining star, though?

Michelle’s awesome, shiny red pants! Just the fact that she can pull those off gives her the biggest victory of the evening. Florida Georgia Line and Nelly perform “Cruise.” While the performance is sorely missing is Taylor Swift’s extraordinary dance moves, Carson Daly still declares the 2013 summer anthem. Have we already discounted “Blurred Lines” for that honor, or did Robin Thicke & Co. just perform too early in the season?

Garrett Gardner, Kris Thomas, Vedo and (the still incredibly handsome) Josiah Hawley return to sing The Temptations’ “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” It’s incredibly adorable, right down to the Temptations-esque dance moves. Weirdly, Holly Tucker *sort of* returns, but this time playing the saxophone. Hopefully Baylor let her back in the marching band, because she seems to have a talent for it.

It’s ladies night during Danielle Bradbery’s bring back performance, as Amber Carrington, Caroline Glaser and Sarah Simmons reunite to perform Carrie Underwood’s “All American Girl.” Carson, clearly catching a case of the hyperboles from Blake, calls it “the definition of adorable.” The five ladies all in red do sound fantastic, although Caroline notably falls short of the other four powerhouses.

Bruno Mars performs “Treasure” with a gaggle of men dressed in matching leopard print shirts and red leisure suits. His showmanship is fantastic, as always, and he sure can dance!

The Swon Brothers have their moment in the sun performing with Bob Seger. The Seger/Swon trio sing “Night Moves,” and the Swons are absolutely glowing after. Whatever the results, this is their moment of the season.

Katia, Karina Iglesias, Sasha Allen and Judith Hill return to perform En Vogue’s “(My Lovin’) You’re Never Gonna Get It.” It’s a throwback in every sense of the word, and good to see rocker Karina back on the stage after her too early dismissal.

Danielle Bradbery duets “I Want Crazy” with Hunter Hayes, and they are so cute that they could be country music’s next Britney and Justin. In a few years when the 5 year age difference is a little less scandalous, his people should call her people, and set up a MEGA COUNTRY DOUBLE DATE with Blake and Miranda!

Michelle Chamuel brings back Team Usher — that would be Josiah Hawley, Vedo and Katia — to sing Stevie Wonder’s version of “We Can Work It Out.” It’s super fun, leading us to believe that despite Usher’s terrifying coach antics, his team must have managed to have some light moments during the show. The matching red shoes are a nice touch, as is the fact that Michelle thought to reunite her former teammates with no votes at stake.

At long last, Cher takes the stage to sing “Woman’s World” — her first performance in over a decade. The much-hyped spectacle initially brings back haunting memories of Brit Brit’s 2007 VMA “comeback.” Cher staggers around a little bit, wears something terrible (there’s a bit of pirate infused into her misguided fishnet look), and her extensions/hat combo is no bueno. She may have even hired rejected Britney dancers from said VMA performance. Unlike Britney, however, the 67 year-old’s voice is on point when she’s not auto-tuned.

So there you have it! Another season of The Voice done and done! Only a few more months before Shakira and Usher make way for Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo! Set your DVRs for…

…oh right! The (arguably) most important part of the show, easily forgotten in all the hoopla, lights, head pieces and banter: the results!

Coming in third place are the disappointed Swon Brothers, who did not practice fake happy face for this outcome.

Coming in second place is Michelle Chamuel. She graciously hugs the winner, who is…

…16 year-old Danielle Bradbery, making it a three-peat for Blake Shelton!

Danielle cuts her attempt to sing her victory song short, as she fades away with the rest of the season in a flurry of confetti-cannon glory. We shall see you next season, Danielle, when you best have exciting career news to report!

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