Cher Talks “Taking Chances” On New Album ‘Closer To The Truth’

Sam Lansky | June 19, 2013 6:46 am

Twitter legend and occasional recording artist Cher performed her new-except-it-already-leaked-like-a-year-ago-but-who-cares-it’s-Cher single “Woman’s World” on The Voice last night, but wait! There’s more! She also gave all kinds of details to Billboard about the sound of her upcoming LP Closer To The Truth, sort of — at the very least, she revealed that “Woman’s World,” penned with and produced by Paul Oakenfold, was the starting point for the new record.

“Then Pink gave me a beautiful song,” she said. “Then Mark [Taylor], the man who produced the Believe album, came up with four great songs. There was a beautiful country song and a song a friend of mine and I wrote for Interview with a Vampire that got turned down. It’s very eclectic, you know. The songs are good songs that just happen to be together.”

Even more/less revealingly, she admitted: “I took some chances on this album and when it turned out to be good, I was pleased.”

Cher, ladies and gentlemen.

In related news, she’s the new social media correspondent for The Voice and Christina Milian needs a job.

[via Billboard]