Watch Rihanna Purposely Hit A Fan With Her Mic

Carl Williott | June 19, 2013 9:33 am

Rihanna went all badgalriri on an overenthusiastic fan at a recent concert on her Diamonds tour. The star was doing “We Found Love” up by the front row, amidst the outstretched arms of fans, when she allegedly hit one with her microphone, presumably after the person became too grabby. The below video shows the incident on the Jumbotron, although it’s tough to make out exactly what happens. There’s definitely a thumping sound that coincides with RiRi thrusting the mic away from her face and into the crowd.

A similar incident happened at a recent Beyonce concert, when a fan smacked Bey’s booty, and the star quickly scolded the perpetrator. Anyway, this is a good lesson for Rihanna fans: no touching, unless she’s giving you a lapdance.

[via Billboard]