Robyn & Snoop Dogg’s “U Should Know Better” Video: Watch The Stars’ Impostors In The Clip

Sam Lansky | June 21, 2013 7:48 am

This came up when Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran‘s video for “Everything Has Changed” dropped a few weeks ago, but seriously: Pop star music videos should come with a trigger warning if they’re not going to revolve around footage of the pop stars themselves. It’s cheating! We — I’m speaking for the fans here — want to see pop stars doing things. We want to see their outfits. We want to see them dance.

So Robyn is barely in this, the video for her Body Talk track “U Should Know Better” — she makes a very brief cameo as her impostor’s mother — and her collaborator Snoop Dogg (the song is so old that he was actually called Snoop Dogg then) doesn’t appear at all, and really, if you’re going to release a music video for a three-year-old song that isn’t even a single, you might as well go big with it. That didn’t happen here. 

That said! It’s still cute, and oh, it’s Robyn, so I’m happy to give her a pass. The video pulls off a nifty gender switcheroo, where a platinum blond little boy who looks like Robyn plays Robyn and a rather striking woman with cornrows plays Snoop, and the two strike up a companionship and roll through the streets of London in a Volvo, and it’s very sweet and likable and charming but wouldn’t it have been so much better if it weren’t in a gimmicky parallel universe but rather, this universe, one where Robyn and Snoop hang out together for a little while? Sure, there are scheduling conflicts and budgetary concerns and practical considerations that must be taken under advisement but ugh, what a disappointment.

The bottom line is that Robyn is still objectively perfect and maybe the best pop star that ever lived, but still. C’mon, guys. Maybe we really are the ones who should have known better.

Watch up top.

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