Demi Lovato’s Father Passes Away

Christina Lee | June 23, 2013 8:44 am

Demi Lovato‘s father Patrick Lovato has died, as reported on June 22 by Demi’s older sister Dallas. Patrick Lovato’s cause of death is unknown, but he was battling cancer in recent years.

Demi Lovato has yet to comment on her father’s death, but she did cancel her appearance at an X Factor photo shoot, according to host Mario Lopez. Lovato was estranged from her father since 2007, and her fraught relationship even inspired the song “For the Love of a Daughter.” Demi and songwriter William Beckett (The Academy Is…) wrote “Daughter” for 2009’s Here We Go Again, but it was pushed to 2011’s Unbroken because Disney felt it would be too intense for Lovato’s young audience.

Meanwhile, Patrick Lovato spoke to press in attempts to reach out to his daughters. He was unsuccessful. “I can’t change things, but I want the change to be there for her, because I love my little girl so much,” he said to Inside Edition. “She’s my heart and soul. That’s my partner.”