Wale & Jerry Seinfeld Walk Into A Studio: No Really, Watch Them Record “Outro About Nothing”

Carl Williott | June 24, 2013 1:05 pm

Wale is an avowed fan of Jerry Seinfeld, having made 2008’s Mixtape About Nothing, which was inspired by Seinfeld and featured a cameo by cast-member Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Earlier this year, the iconic comedian revealed he’d been collaborating with the MMG MC on an album-length project, and now we’re seeing some of the results of those recording sessions. In the above video, Wale talks a bit about his admiration for Jerry (“He’s a wise person…he’s probably the richest person I know, so his perspective on everything is different”) and then the two hit the studio in April in New York City.

That’s when things get appealingly odd. The comedian basically gives Wale a hard time, saying “I thought we were doing the album today, what happened? Are we still doing that? Do you wanna do it?” and this whole little exchange between a seemingly perturbed Jerry and a seemingly shaken Wale is the actual bit, for what became “Outro About Nothing” on The Gifted. I guess tomorrow (June 25) when the album drops, we’ll find out if that’s the actual cut they used.