Miley Cyrus Breaks Down Her Weird “We Can’t Stop” Video On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: Watch

Bianca Gracie | June 26, 2013 11:37 am

Miley Cyrus stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (June 26) to debut her first live performance of her summer smash “We Can’t Stop”, and she also gave an interestingly (but kind of strange) interview. The singer talked about her friendship with Snoop Lion, hiring her fans and her allergy to wearing pants. Oh, she also has a donkey named Eeyore. But the best part of the interview is when Miley explains some of the bizarre visuals from her “We Can’t Stop” video.

“It’s inspired by true events, it’s not just from one night,” she said. “We have the Corona bottle piñata and all the hot dogs were in there — that was from my brother’s birthday. And the taxidermy, that was from another party.” She also talked about the scene where she kissed a doll version of herself, calling it “doll on doll on doll.” As for the french fry skull? Apparently In-N-Out fries work better than McDonald’s.

She explains the taxidermy is a symbol for all of her fans: “That’s supposed to be to the kids because it’s like, you’re feeling judged and here’s this little scrawny deer that — to me — seems so sweet and he seems like he probably would be judged. And this is him looking at himself in the reflection, and he’s got himself all swagged up trying to be something that he’s not. But he’s just gotta remember that he can’t be judged, so that’s talking to the fans.”

Miley has been hanging out with Snoop a lot, citing weed for the reason why they get along so well. “They just sent me ‘Ashtrays’ and we ended up just doing that together and he kind of became the homie. He’s been really involved, he comes to the studio, he listens to my music, he’s excited about what I’m doing with my career so it’s cool,” she said. Classy, Miley.

View the first part of Miley’s interview up top, and watch part two below.