Michelle Williams Wins At Social Media: Charm, Wit & Holy Twerking

Mike Wass | June 27, 2013 5:55 pm

You can tell when an act outsources their social media. Their various feeds and timelines are professional and regularly updated but ultimately bland and lifeless. On the other end of the spectrum, you have artists like Michelle Williams. The Destiny’s Child diva is hilarious and real – injecting every tweet and Instagram update with her own unique perspective. After all, this is the woman that coined the phrase “holy twerking”! To celebrate the gorgeous 32-year-old’s triumphant comeback with “If We Had Your Eyes”, I’ve put together 10 reasons why Michelle is unmissable on social media.

1. Holy Twerking

The DC3 singer introduced the concept of holy twerking in a tweet and the world is still reeling. It seems a little wrong to dip it low for Jesus but Michelle knows about these things, so go for it. At least I don’t feel bad about getting down to Mary Mary‘s “Shackles (Praise You)” anymore.

2. Jesus Be A Pacifier

Adventures in babysitting led to Williams coining the phrase “Jesus be a pacifier!” when she looked after niece. I haven’t stopped laughing.

3. Michelle is down with the gays

Despite her religious fervor, the Fela star is still open-minded, tweeting “Love is love” after the DOMA ruling. She also appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race (as a judge) and teamed up with gay icon Ultra Nate for a club track.

4. She’s in on the joke

Michelle posted this pic on her Instagram after someone pasted her head on Beyonce‘s body. I agree, she would look fantastic with that hair color!

5. The best excuse for grumpiness ever

According to Bey and Kelly’s BFF: “The smile in my heart hasn’t reached my face bcuz I’m still sleepy!”

6. Jesus Be A Fence

If you have ever wondered how a sophisticated lady like Michelle handles the craziness of Twitter, ponder no longer. She prays for Jesus to be a fence over her timeline! Great idea but even He would have trouble keeping the BeyHive in check.

7. She keeps it real

The cost of gas is eating into the gospel great’s wig budget and she’s not having it!

8. Diva realness

In addition to handing out spiritual advice and sharing words of wisdom, Williams also finds the time to take really cute pics for her followers.

9. Donut addiction

Michelle is addicted to sweets. We all feel her pain and pray for her during this difficult time.

10. She chats with fans (like me)

The thinking man’s Kelly Rowland is one of the few hugely successful artists who will tweet fans back and engage with followers. Which is just one of the reasons why she is so damn likable.

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