Beyonce Posts New Photos With Blue Ivy, Rendering All Other Mothers & Babies Irrelevant

Sam Lansky | June 28, 2013 5:48 am

Iconic superstar Beyonce‘s new song “Standing On The Sun” (or at least some version of it) leaked yesterday, so — as expected — King Bey took a minute last night to address the controversy, bumping up the song’s premiere and pushing it out to iTunes so fans could buy it.

Oh — wait. Wait a minute. What? She didn’t? She didn’t do any of that? She posted some pictures of her kid instead? Oh! Okay. Sure. Yeah, sure, Beyonce. Whatever works.

Yes, the most exhilarating entertainer of her generation posted some new photos from her life yesterday, and they’re thrillingly Blue Ivy-centric: One of Blue’s little finger pressing Bey’s nose as the diva got all dolled up for an event of some kind (up top), and one that shows one of Blue’s teeny-tiny Tom Ford lace-up heels tied around Beyonce’s foot (below).

Beyonce Tom Ford Shoe

And then Blue Ivy went and changed the game forever: She wore a little purple crown. (You can only see part of her face, but still.)

Blue Ivy Crown

Bow down.

[via Tumblr]