Loreen’s Disturbing “My Heart Is Refusing Me” Video Surfaces: Watch

Mike Wass | June 28, 2013 11:03 am

Loreen isn’t your typical Swedish pop star. The 2012 Eurovision winner looks like Sadako from The Ring and specializes in dark and depressing dance music — which are just two reasons why I love her. The 29-year-old won a lot of fans with her debut album Heal, so much so that her label decided to re-release it this year. That could explain why her 2011 single “My Heart Is Refusing Me” finally got a video. Or perhaps Loreen just felt like it because she looks like that kind of lady.

The Swede’s latest visual is more than a little disturbing. For starters, it looks like it was filmed on the set of a horror movie and features a lost child, who walks the streets alone until she finds a rave being held in an empty swimming pool. (Must be a Scandinavian thing). Unfortunately she dies but later comes back to life. Or she could just be a younger Loreen, who wanders around corridors looking tortured — when she’s not writhing on the floor. I’m pretty sure this is art.

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