Ibrawlator Beyonce Twitter Debate: What’s Going On With Bey This Year?

Erika Brooks Adickman | July 2, 2013 7:38 am

In 2013 we’ve seen a lot from Beyonce: From her Super Bowl Halftime extravaganza (which may or may not have caused a power outage, and most definitely prompted her to ban all photogs from shooting her live performances) to her sultry H&M campaign and her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour — and let’s not forget her Life Is But A Dream documentary. But one thing we haven’t seen — or heard, rather — from the diva is official word on her next album. Yes, there have been leaks (“Grown Woman” and “Standing On The Sun”), but when it comes time for making a formal announcement about the upcoming LP or new single, Beysus has focused only on her “sister” Kelly Rowland’s latest work (much to the dismay of the BeyHive).

Our question: What is going on with Beyonce’s Album 5 era? New York-based staffer Sam Lansky, a former Bey stan, has jumped ship due to frustration over the shape of the last six months, while Los Angeles’ Mike Wass is patiently awaiting the next release while continuing to defend her honor out of loyalty to the Queen. Not to make this an East Coast/West Coast thing, but if two members of the Idolator team are on opposing sides, we can only assume that there there must be a similar opposition in the Hive as well.

That’s what brings us to our upcoming #Ibrawlator Twitter Debate. Head below for details on how to join this sure-to-be heated discussion, and to review the official stances that Mike and Sam will be taking.

For one hour starting on Wednesday, July 3 at 4pm ET, we will be moderating the questions for this debate, allowing both sides of the Beyhive (and any and all music lovers with a strong opinion) time to weigh in using the hashtag #ibrawlator. Let’s fight clean and fight fair, folks. And just a reminder that everyone who participates will get a follow-back from us!

Mike’s pro-Beyonce case:

By the time 2013 draws to a close, Beyonce will have added $100 million+ to her bank account through endorsements, merchandise and tour receipts. If she’s doing something wrong with her career, I wish I knew what it was so I could run my life just as unsuccessfully. So where’s the album? Don’t know. Don’t care. Unless I’m hallucinating, people are complaining about an LP they were never promised. It will come when the Queen is good and ready. Art shouldn’t be a slave to deadlines. By doing things her own way, Bey becoming the independent woman she sang about all those years ago with Destiny’s Child.

Sam’s anti-Beyonce case:

Beyonce’s gone off the rails in 2013, a seemingly endless stream of false starts and frustrations — and I fear patience is waning among her fans. Sure, she’s continued making money off of her many varied endorsements, but the fundamental problem is that there’s no new album in the Album 5 era: The impact of her Super Bowl performance and the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour have been undercut by the fact that there’s no new music, and the messiness of the release of new songs “Grown Woman” and “Standing On The Sun” is practically offensive, nonstop leaks and snippets with no way to purchase the songs legally. Worst of all, she’s not communicating with her fanbase about her process, and it’s growing embarrassing. I get that she had to fire her dad, but maybe managing herself isn’t the best idea.

We’ll catch you all on July 3 at 4pm ET in the Twitterdome.