Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez A #Heartbreaker

Christina Lee | July 6, 2013 8:40 am

Justin Bieber has made a few things known about his next single “Heartbreaker”: To him, dating hurts, hence the purple heart on his single cover. (That’s the only theory that makes sense right now, anyway.) The song will end the “witch hunt” against him, his manager Scooter Braun has said. And — as Bieber revealed Friday on Instagram — Selena Gomez may be the poster girl.

Bieber and Gomez posed together Friday for a picture, which the former tagged with just one word: “#heartbreaker.” The photo arrives shortly after Us Weekly released a special issue on Bieber, in which he posed shirtless and talked about his relationship with Gomez. “As long as people are kind to each other during a breakup, there’s no reason why they can’t be friends,” he said.

Confused yet? Us too. Here’s to hoping that Gomez’s new song about Bieber clears things up.