Andre 3000 Is Recording Something With Mike WiLL Made It: Watch A Teaser

Carl Williott | July 8, 2013 8:48 am

Andre 3000 hit the studio with in-demand hip-hop producer Mike WiLL Made It. WiLL today (July 8) posted an Instagram video of the two in the recording studio (which you can watch below), along with the caption “Im sorry Ms.Jackson…. 3staxx voice. #StayTuned.” So is 3 Stacks contributing some singing to a track, a la that classic Outkast song, in yet another feature role? Or are we in store for a real-life solo track from Dre?

(It’s worth noting that in 2010, Big Boi said some new Andre records were on the way, and he similarly tagged the tweet with “Stay Tuned.”)

The most vexing thing about the Outkast breakup hasn’t been the fact that it seems to be permanent, but the fact that Andre 3000 has yet to release a solo project since the 2007 split, since he was the one who seemed like the restless, hyperactive artiste of the duo. While his pal Big Boi has dropped a pair of albums, Andre has been relegated to the role of feature artist, hopping onto (and often completely hijacking) tracks from stars like Frank OceanT.I. and Rick Ross. But the fact that he was spotted working with a producer this time, and not an artist, gives us hope that there’s at least an Andre 3000 solo track in the pipeline

[via Miss Info]