Kanye West’s “New Slaves” Remixed By Hit-Boy: Watch The Video

Carl Williott | July 8, 2013 2:10 pm

Kanye West and Hit-Boy have a short but very successful history together, teaming up for instant classics “Niggas In Paris” and “Clique” in recent years. But neither song was for a Yeezy solo effort, and likewise, Hit-Boy was left off Yeezus. However, the beat on lead buzz track “New Slaves” certainly evoked Hit-Boy’s “Clique” sonics, and now he has made the connection a bit more explicit with a remix of West’s incendiary track.

For the new version, dubbed “New Chains (James Somersett),” the Cali producer-rapper steps in front of the mic, delivering a few verses echoing Kanye’s  political statements. But where West attacks materialism and corporatism, Hit-Boy frames luxury and extravagance as a marker of freedom. As for the beat, the original is so spare that it gives remixers a lot of flexibility, and Hit-Boy takes full advantage by adding drum tracks, wubs and vocal samples.

Watch the video up top.