Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” Video: Watch The Unfinished, Leaked Version

Carl Williott | July 8, 2013 4:14 pm

UPDATE: This is a rough cut of the video, according to Kanye’s tweets from Tuesday (July 9). He says the final version will drop sometime next week.

Even though Kanye West already released a music video for “New Slaves” (via projections on building facades), “Black Skinhead” is the first Yeezus track to get an official visual. In typical Yeezus fashion, the clip just sort of appeared online earlier today (July 8), making it difficult to ascertain its authenticity. (The video first appeared here, but that URL is now password protected. Fortunately, Rap Dose was able to grab the clip in embeddable form.)

This “Black Skinhead” visual brings in elements of the live presentation West used at SNL and Governors Ball, and certainly feels like it was created by the minds behind all that stuff. As for Ye, he’s not in the video; instead, we get a jacked-up CGI version of the rapper. To be honest, the cheesy human animations made us first think of this, and then made us think this isn’t the real clip (or is at the very least a preliminary version). But then in a sort of reverse psychology way, the shoddiness made us think it actually was real, what with Kanye’s whole less-is-more, no-strategy, cultivated sloppiness thing.

Draw your own conclusions up top.