Jay-Z Is Performing “Picasso Baby” At NYC Art Gallery Right Now: Watch

Bianca Gracie | July 10, 2013 1:35 pm

Jay-Z is really taking this whole “New Rules” mantra seriously — from his off-kilter, Samsung-approved Magna Carta Holy Grail album campaign to his unexpected and hilarious Twitter Q&A. Now, in his latest rule-breaking move, he’s taking on the art world.

The rapper (who’s a serious art collector) is currently performing “Picasso Baby” at NYC’s Pace Gallery while looking very fresh in a crisp white button-down and a huge gold chain. Hova will be rapping the braggadocio track for six hours straight — performance art style — the footage of which will apparently become a music video at some point in the future. Most likely, it will be a part of one of the six pieces of art to which he referred during his tweeting spree.

As you’ll see in the clips below, he even got famous performance artist Marina Abramovic in on the action.

Jay-Z Performs “Picasso Baby”

[via Complex]