Nick Cannon Is The BeyHive’s Latest Victim: See The Carnage

Mike Wass | July 10, 2013 1:58 pm

Nick Cannon felt the BeyHive‘s legendary sting last night (July 9) when he brought up Beyonce‘s lip-synching scandal on his MTV show Wild ‘N Out. Mariah Carey‘s other half was defending his wife’s not-so-live performance of “#Beautiful” at the recent BET Awards when he said: “You gone come out with the microphone singing live, hitting high notes… You could’ve just lip-synched that shit like Beyonce did at the inauguration!” Bad move.

The response was quick and lethal. Within hours, Bey’s loyal stans were trending #CancelWildNOut and had even tracked down contact details for the show’s producer. If the Hive’s Twitter rampage is any indication, the poor man woke up to the voicemail box from hell this morning! Mariah is one of only eight people Beyonce follows on Twitter and their fanbases overlap to a significant extent, so Nick has some explaining to do. Sample the sting of the net’s prickliest fanbase after the jump.

An ominous beginning.

It got personal. Fast.

Mariah fans joined the party.

No holds barred when it comes to The Hive.

This stan couldn’t help herself.

And this is when things got REAL.