Whatcha Say: Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez And Rihanna Had Our Readers Talking

Adam Pyarali | July 12, 2013 7:30 pm

In this week’s Ibrawlator, we put hip hop’s best friends, Kanye West and Jay-Z, head to head to see which of their newly-released albums was more worthy of praise: Did our readers pick the polarizing Yeezus, or the more traditional Magna Carta Holy Grail? Head here to check out the winner!

Of course, this week brought us the official release of Jay-Z‘s latest effort, but noteworthy albums from Ciara and Skylar Grey also invaded our iTunes. Britney Spears released her smurf-tastic music video for “Ooh La La,” with an adorable cameo from the pop star’s sons, while we also we treated to video premieres from Natalia Kills and the Idolator exclusive premiere of Elliphant‘s “Music Is Life.”

Plus, just a week after releasing the music video for “Tunnel Vision” off the first part of The 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake made the announcement of the lead single from The 20/20 Experience Pt. 2, titled “Take Back The Night.” Meanwhile, another Justin (Bieber, that is), caused a lot of stir after a video of the pop star publicly urinating in a restaurant’s mop bucket appeared online. But don’t worry guys, he already spoke to Bill Clinton and got some advice on the issue.

Check out some of this week’s best comments below!

:: When we asked what Nicki Minaj said to the zebra she evidently caught to wear for her Marie Claire shoot in this week’s Caption This, m_davis_15 read her lips: on Instagram: “Zebras ain’t shit and they ain’t saying nothin’.”

:: News of Adam Lambert joining the cast of Glee for the show’s fifth season got the Glamberts all rilled up! Melody showed her support for the singer’s newest career move on Adam Lambert To Join The Cast Of ‘Glee’: “OH YEAH .. THE perfect match Adam and Glee. I can’t wait to see the show again and now that Adam will be on,I won’t miss one episode .. no way.”

:: And fellow Glambert Army member Linda didn’t want anyone to miss a thing: “Lambert loyalists (and we are the Glambert Army) many of whom have seen 50 or more of his live concerts and who tape and rewatch all of his appearances, will be tuned in worldwide. I’m surprised that no article has mentioned Adam’s charming, comedic turn as the host of VH-1 Divas.”

:: The BeyHive held nothing back after Nick Cannon sent out a tweet referring to Beyonce‘s lip-synced inauguration performance. Eddie was disgusted by the Twitter stans behavior, commenting on Nick Cannon Is The BeyHive’s Latest Victim: See The Carnage: “Bringing in Mariah and especially their babies was EXTREMELY rude and unnecessary (thank you for not including the insults directed to the children btw) when they had nothing to do with what NICK and I repeat – NICK CANNON said as a part of his JOB. So every time a comedian says a joke, people are gonna have a fit? Have a SEAT.”

:: Rihanna‘s Budweiser endorsement is just one more accomplishment the pop star can add to her on-going list. Bmccoy03 writes on Rihanna Signs On For Global Budweiser Campaign: Watch Her Ad: “Rihanna still winning, no matter what people say about her. People see the worst in her but all the time she signing contracts, selling lip stick, touring, starting her own style show and selling perfumes. Still getting paid.”

:: Natalia Kills epic new video for her single “Saturday Night” has got drew excited about the singer’s new music on Natalia Kills Is Still Trouble In “Saturday Night” Video: Watch: “Omg…love her. Her music is so raw, but not in an already-been-done-in-the-90′s way… Awesome video too.”

:: Emeli Sande announced “My Kind Of Love” as the album’s next US single, but our readers had some different ideas for the singer’s single choices.  Matt Decuir commented on Emeli Sande Will Release “My Kind Of Love” As Her Next US Single: “My Kind of Love would be a good choice. But I do think “Heaven” or “Wonder” would be better. It may have been that most anyone can connect to the lyrics in MKOL, and connect fast. So it may resonate. We’ll see.”

:: Soon after the premiere of Ellie Goulding‘s latest single “Burn,” a demo version, recorded by Leona Lewis, hit the web. The leak of Leona’s version had music listeners comparing the two, but MusicManDave rooted for Goulding on Leona Lewis Recorded Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” First: Listen To Her Version: “Ellie’s is so much better!!!! ” Every time I here a song by Ellie it reminds me of her smash single “Lights” here in the states. She is one very talented girl who deserves all the fame in the world. This song just proves she has the staying power and nothing is going to stop her.”

:: The leak of a new Selena Gomez demo had people talking about the song’s intro: a voicemail from an unidentified boy who sounds suspciously like Justin BieberTriage Nurse Poland shared their thoughts on the situation on Selena Gomez’s “Love Will Remember”: Hear The Song (And A Voicemail From Justin Bieber): “The song is cute, but it’s also relationship whoring in purest form. And the kicker? It’s not even Bieber’s voice, but his fans are so insane they’ll ignore that because they want Jelena so bad. Tragic.”