Azealia Banks Insults Lily Allen’s Children: When Twitter Beefs Cross The Line

Mike Wass | July 11, 2013 5:49 pm

Azealia Banks spends more time on Twitter than in the recording studio. Which is impressive given the seemingly endless stream of mixtapes and buzz singles she has dropped over the past 18 months. The femcee’s controversial tweets and high-profile feuds keep her in the news but did she cross the line today (July 11) by calling Lily Allen‘s children ugly?

It all started entertainingly enough with the “212” rapper likening the British pop star’s husband to a thumb. That fired Lily up and she retaliated by calling Azealia a one-hit wonder. The barb must have struck a nerve because the recent Pharrell collaborator then struck a low blow by Allen’s insulting kids. See the Twitter exchange after the jump.

Did Azealia cross the line? Give your verdict in the comments.