Fifth Harmony’s “Me And My Girls”: Hear The Group’s Seismic New Single

Christina Lee | July 13, 2013 9:48 am

Fifth Harmony may sing about a late-night karaoke session in second single “Me And My Girls,” but the song gives away the girls’ growing ambitions. While the soaring “Miss Movin’ On” sounds engineered for stadium shows to come, the seismic “Me And My Girls” would make for the perfect moment to break out the confetti and fireworks.

The lyrics of “Me And My Girls” tell a story of navigating through a crowded party, one in which Fifth Harmony find a karaoke machine equipped with their favorite songs by One Direction, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. The Ibrawlator winners sing of dancing like no one’s watching, then the group put themselves to task with not one, but two breakdowns with clear-cut instructions: “Pop it, pop it.” That’s right —Fifth Harmony, reigning queens of the intimate cover songs, just asked you to “Pop It.”

Fifth Harmony’s “Me And My Girls,” off the group’s forthcoming debut album, officially premieres July 16 on Radio Disney. For now, check out the new song after the jump.

Fifth Harmony —  “Me And My Girls”