Goldfrapp’s “Drew” Video: Watch The Elegant, Cinematic Clip

Robbie Daw | July 15, 2013 8:25 am

Goldfrapp‘s Tales Of Us is still two months away from release (out September 10), but if the music video — sorry, make that “short film” — for “Drew” is any indication, the album is looking to be a gorgeous, reflective piece of work.

The black and white, Lisa Gunning-directed visual plays out like some lost Merchant Ivory film, with Alison Goldfrapp wandering around a splendid, empty English manor in the countryside, haunted by visions of two men and a woman in their birthday suits. “Remember the time we stood there by the lake, watching boats and planes,” we hear Alison sing, as she strolls the overgrown grounds and cavorts with the young, beautiful ghosts of naked inhabitants past.

“Drew” gradually builds from a simple acoustic number into a dramatic, string-laden stunner, as the images in the video also increase in intensity. By the ambiguous final moments of the clip, Alison is unbuttoning her top to join her cohorts in bed.

We’re left never being quite sure about the exact details of the intimate past that’s being conjured up here, but we’re still more than thankful for catching a glimpse of it.