Six Days Til The Premiere Of One Direction’s “Best Song Ever”: Check Out The Newest Teaser

Adam Pyarali | July 16, 2013 12:19 pm

Our favorite boybanders take Hollywood in the teaser clip for their upcoming single “Best Song Ever.” Following the short teaser One Direction posted yesterday featuring the track’s chorus, the newest clip introduces us to Harvey, a “studio executive” who looks more than a little familiar.

Surprise! It’s Niall Horan, donning a fat suit, old age makeup and wig. Horan yells, “Will Smith? Tell him I’ll call him back,” in his best American accent and manages to pull it off surprisingly well. While the 20-second clip doesn’t leave us with much, “Best Song Ever” promises to be another gleeful, tongue-in-cheek effort from the boyband that their fans will inevitably eat up.

The track is the first offering from the band’s upcoming third studio album due later this year, but the single being released in conjunction with One Direction’s first-ever film This Is Us. The music video for “Best Song Ever” will premiere on July 22, while This Is Us hits theaters August 29.