St. Lucia “Elevate” You With New Song, Set ‘When The Night’ Album Release Date

Mike Wass | July 16, 2013 1:03 pm

After releasing two critically-lauded EPs, St. Lucia finally capitalize on the tidal wave of hype by dropping debut album When The Night on October 8 (Neon Gold/Columbia Records). Still in the dark about 2013’s best purveyor of dream-pop? Well, St. Lucia is actually a one-man band fronted by South African-born, Brooklyn-based Jean-Philip Grobler.

He has opened for acts like Ellie Goulding — developing a fervent fanbase with multi-layered synth anthems that evoke sun-dappled afternoons and summer holidays. If you need another reason to climb on board Jean-Philip’s already crowded bandwagon, spend five minutes with the typically dense and gorgeous “Elevate”. Listen after the jump.

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[Via Nylon].