Marina & The Diamonds Teases New “11 Diamonds” Project

Sam Lansky | July 17, 2013 7:46 am

Well! Here’s a new something from Marina & The Diamonds, not that I have any idea exactly what it is — but the singer-songwriter has posted a new photo to Twitter teasing something called “11 Diamonds.” What is 11 Diamonds? Is it an album? A single? A band? An app? A cross-media multi-platform experimental art project with Marina Abramović and 9 other to-be-determined people named Marina? Given that she calls her fans the Diamonds, does it involve 11 fans? How can I be one of them?

Whatever it turns out to be, given that Marina began teasing her eventual pseudonym Electra Heart well before that album era launched, a new project name augurs well for a whole new era of new tunes.

Here’s the graphic she posted to Twitter:

Marina and the Diamonds 11 Diamonds

That’s pretty much all there is to report on this one, folks.

[via Digital Spy]